Production AND Distribution OF steam

Since it’s creation and it’s experience of more than sixty years, our company has always used steam as heat transfer medium and for rational energy use.

Our staff are at your disposal to design, to integrate, to install and to guarantee the efficiency of adapted equipment used in your process concerning Steam Production and Steam Use:

We design and build parts of or entire installations, such as:

 Evaporators – Condensors – Sublimation equipment

 Condensate tank

 Heat Exchangers and Heat Recovery Systems

 Thermal Degasser

 Combustion Equipment

 Water Treatment and Pump Systems

 Industrial Piping

All these devices are installed in accordance with official guidelines and regulations and we insure the approval by the qualified authorities.

With a team of twenty qualified technicians at your disposal we offer you the following services:


 Programmed Maintenance

 A Repair Workplace for boilers and heat exchangers

 Boiler Rental

 Control Service following PED rules and corrosion analysis